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    As worship facilitators we make conscious and unconscious choices as we lead our teams and congregations. The Platform: On & Off, A Blueprint for Worship Facilitators encourages self-examination and provides opportunities to build and expand our leadership muscles as we lead others into the presence of God.

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    18 de mayo de 2020
    Hey Community I hope you all are well! Across the country states are slowly starting to reopen and with it people are beginning to move about and return to things that have been shut down. I wanted to reach out to you all and see if you all have created a reopening strategy for your parishioners...
    23 de marzo de 2020
    Hello to you on this amazing day!!! I pray that things are favorable and God filled wherever you may be at this time! I get asked about song lists and new music quite often so I figured I would pose this question to the Worship Community. What song or songs are currently blessing your respective...
    23 de marzo de 2020
    Hey I pray that this email finds you well today!!! I don't know about you but one of the things I am often joking about is having job security as a worship leader. I often times say after a great move of God "welp my job is secure for the week!"One of the things I realize is that my "job security...

    Shawn Bigby
    Artist. Leader. Teacher. Worshipper. Husband.

    A Minister with One Purpose...To Usher People Into the Raw Presence of God

    The Beginning

    Born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, Shawn has been a renowned vocalist for years. At 20 years old, he heard God’s call to become a worship leader and joined Mount Zion Baptist Church in Belton, South Carolina, to serve under Pastor Kenneth Dean. Along with the training of his Minister of Music, Brandon Groves, and the Director of the Anderson University Ensemble, Mr. Leonard Johnson, Shawn began to experience worship at a new level. He gained a greater understanding of God and His purpose for our lives. Throughout the years, Shawn’s ministry has thrived, making room for him to share his musical gift all over the country and world, including London and Japan.

    The Artist & Songwriter

    Shawn released his first extended play record (EP) #TheSetList Volume 1 in 2014, an amazing collection of praise and worship music used by ministries in churches across the globe. The widely acclaimed project entered in at number 27 on the Billboard charts in its first week, which was rare for an independent artist without record label representation.


    A creator of worship ballads that generate atmospheres of freedom to worship, Shawn has been featured both vocally and as a songwriter on several national recording projects, such as the hit single “Walking in Favor,” featuring Pastor John P. Kee and Zarcardi Cortez. Other major projects include Anderson University Ensemble’s live recording “Thank You,” Earnest Pugh’s “Earnestly Yours,” Pastor David Wright & the New York Fellowship Choir’s “Next Generation,” Hart Ramsey & the NCC Family Choir’s “True Story,” and Jason Nelson with “Never Go A Day.” Today, Shawn continues to record, write, and produce new and exciting projects that propel the worship experience to new dimensions.

    The Leader

    Shawn served as Worship Leader at New Life Fellowship in Charlotte, North Carolina, for five and a half years under one of his musical influences and mentors, Pastor John P. Kee. He toured extensively with Pastor Kee and New Life across the United States and globally. Currently, Shawn serves as the Creative Arts Director at Right Direction Church International in Columbia, South Carolina, under the leadership of Drs. Herbert and Marcia Bailey. Here, he not only leads worship but has the privilege of mentoring and training rising worship leaders.

    The Teacher, Clinician & Author

    Shawn is a dynamic teacher and clinician on praise and worship. He conducts various workshops and clinics all over, assisting ministries and worship leaders in worship and vocal techniques. His teaching includes multiple layers that enhance and foster the tools necessary to build leaders and music ministries after God’s heart. Shawn has also completed his first book The Platform: On & Off, A Blueprint for Worship Facilitators which is an amazing tool for anyone who operates in pg. 1 the worship ministry or facilitates worship including worship leaders, pastors, choir members, praise teams etc.

    The Worshiper

    Shawn Bigby’s heart and passion for praise and worship form his desire for others to experience God at higher and deeper levels of worship. His indescribable and untainted flow initiates and connects the worshipper to embrace the raw presence of God--a meaningful encounter with Him.

    The Husband & Family Man

    Shawn is happily married to his best friend, Caress Bigby. Shawn enjoys excellent food with family and friends, watching a good wrestling match, and bringing joy to others.