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That's My Song!

Hello to you on this amazing day!!! I pray that things are favorable and God filled wherever you may be at this time! I get asked about song lists and new music quite often so I figured I would pose this question to the Worship Community. What song or songs are currently blessing your respective houses as far as corporate worship is concerned? The reason I say corporate worship is because some songs that we may individually love fail to translate into a corporate worship experience.
I will share a couple that really have been ministering to us when we sing it. The first one is "Miracle Worker" by JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise!! Now I will be honest this song is not for the faint of heart from a song leading perspective. It is very simple and redundant as far as background vocals are concerned so the weight of the song is carried by the leader. Ad libbing will be important on a song such as this BUT when done right I assure you its a game changer!
Another song that really blesses us is "Great Are You Lord". Originally this song is by All Sons and Daughters however there are now several versions that are out there including one of our very own WCU members Brandon Gaines who has an amazing cover! So check those 2 songs out and see if they could work in your worship services!
I would love to hear what songs are blessing your corporate worship experiences so please send me a couple back!! Love you guys and I pray you are doing whatever you must to close out the year STRONG!!!!
Shawn Bigby