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  • About Alphaeus

    Alphaeus Anderson is the author of Youth Magnet. He is also the founder of Gain Maintain, a platform dedicated to providing cutting-edge strategies, training modules, and courses to coach leaders, as they work to attract and empower youth.


    He is a graduate of Anderson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries, and a minor in Music. Alphaeus is an inductee of the Anderson University Distinguished Alumni, and is currently a staff member of the University Of South Carolina Upstate, where he instructs the Gospel Choir class.


    Annually, Anderson attracts over 350 students, during the spring and summer, to sing on a choir he started with only one child over 14 years ago. His choir grew to over 125 students in 30 days. The choir later began to attract teenagers across the tri-state area and has since exploded, with seven Stellar Award nominations, one Dove Award nomination. The choir received the Stellar Award win for “Best Youth Project of the Year” in 2012 and 2019.


    Alphaeus has proven techniques and trainings for churches and organizations that want to become youth magnets. He has one of a kind techniques for empowering students, that can be seen throughout social media, on YouTube, and on his website. His ability to connect with youth is second to none. Alphaeus speaks to thousands of students in schools, churches, community centers, and revivals.


    He has been a regular instructor at regional and national conferences like Gospel Heritage International Worship Conference (founded by Dr. Teresa Hairston), Vashawn Mitchell, President, Schools of Methods, association meetings, and convocations.


    In 2018, Alphaeus partnered with Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole to form the first Pure-N-Heart/SMAC South regional youth mass choir.


    His music is performed in ministries across the nation and has been featured at the National GMWA Youth and Young Adult Division Conference, the National Baptist Convention, and on Internet and terrestrial radio.


    Alphaeus is one of many recipients of the 2016 President Barack Obama Volunteer Service Award, presented by Ambassador Lenora Peterson.


    When not on the road training, speaking and presenting, he can be found teaching at eat-center.com and occasionally serving at The Equipping Center Church, Greenville, SC, Pastor Hasker Hudgens.


  • School friendly presentations from Alphaeus

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    Sample experiences include




    Bible challenge


    Faith Games


    School friendly presentations from Alphaeus

    1. Alphaeus will talk to your students at your school about the importance of being a buddy and not a bully.

    2. Dream Big Presentation

    3. Black History Presentations
    4. Music presentations
    5. "Change The World"
    6. Music workshops & performances
    7. Game show style presentation on any topic

    Messages & Presentation for Churches

    Elementary, Middle/High/ College Students

    A small tagline

    1. Importance of discovering your purpose

    2. Music workshops & concerts

    3. How to make good choices and choose good friends.

    4. Peer pressure hacks

    5. Using technology to be productive instead of allowing it to distract you

    Youth Ministry Leaders Training

    Topics include

    • How to influence youth to be passionate about worship and serving in ministry

    • Learn the latest social media trend and platforms

    • How to build a rock star team

    • How to influence youth in order to teach them

    • Tips on turning chaos into productivity

    • Learn the correct way to promote events so youth show up

    • How to keep tradition and reach Millennials and Gen Z

    • Help with planning your youth activities and events

    • How to start and grow a thriving youth choir

    • Build an explosive youth ministry using technology

    • Using creative outreach and evangelistic strategies to build youth ministry

    • Templates, tips, tutorials on creating website, marketing, branding, and attractive flyers

    • How to operate and make a big impact with a small budget

    • How to deal with power struggles and politics that hinder youth ministry growth

    • More, More, More strategies to build youth group and get youth engaged in church

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