• Music Production



    Our services are perfect for artists, songwriters, singers, choirs, poets, rappers to record quality demos, singles, radio ads, voiceovers or a full length CD.


    M2CU Production is connected with professional producers, songwriters and musicians specializing in Gospel, Pop, R&B, Country, CCM and Jazz. Come take your ideas to the next level! The EAT Center has a great rehearsal space.

  • Recording Producer Packages

    2021 New Rates April 15

    Music Session/ Lonely Lyrics Package


    Need music to your song?

    Note: 3% handling



    Piano Player

    Acoustic Guitar

    75 min max

    3 Songs Max


    Note: Additional split Sheet and copyright arrangements may be required


    Email: production@music2changeu.com if you would prefer to have music sent to you for your song through email. This remote option starts @ $60 per song.


    Jumpstart Package 1.0


    Great for birthday gifts or singers and musicians that want to jumpstart their dream. The jumpstart package is design to get your feet wet. It will give you a taste of the recording process as well as leave you with a quality finished product you can be proud of. You can eve take your final product and sell on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music and other digital outlets.

    Note: 3% handling

    1. Producer
    2. Acoustic Guitar or Piano Player 
    3. Studio Time 60 Min Max 
    4. 1 Prep Session 
    5. Mixed & Mastered 
    6. Instrumental 



    Note: Additional split Sheet and copyright arrangements may be required

    Additional instrumentation not included in this package.

    Not this package is for lead vocals only

  • Singles

    Live Recordings


    Voice Over


    Single Or EP

    Email for quote production@music2changeu.com





    Singers (by request only)

    Studio Time

    Mix & Mastering

    Instrumental Track

    Radio Edit

    Performance Track



    Note: Additional split Sheet and copyright arrangements may be required


    Sample payment schedule


    Payment 1

    Payment 2

    Payment 3


        Music Biz Options 	45 Minutes $60.00 USD 	75 Minutes $120.00 USD 	Group of 5 thru 10 $200.00 USD

    Music Business & Recording Basics

    Led by Alexias Anderson & Alphaeus Anderson


    Alexias is a certified music supervisor. Alexias is also an IT director of a fortune 500 company and owner of Filterd Idea. Alexias is a guru in automations , website development, and digital process and systems.


    Alphaeus is an award winning producer, songwriter and musician.

    Alphaeus has written and or produced for Ernest Pugh, Marvin Sapp, David Wright, GMWA Youth & Young Adult, Noah Nicholson and family Worship Center, Reverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller and Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, Anderson University, Pure-N-Heart, Shawn Bigby, Shellea Wade, and more!


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    Consultation Options


    1. Contracts
    2. Copyrights
    3. Publishing 
    4. PROs Performance Rights Organizations 
    5. Recording and music production. 
    Session will also cover hight level of radio promotions, marketing and releasing music.


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