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  • Syllabus

    Gospel Music Ensemble

    MUSC U128 001:

    Alphaeus Anderson 864-650-2858



    Rehearsals: Wednesday at 7:00pm in one of the four places. (Please email to be added to group me)

    HPAC - Hall

    Amphitheater (Outside located)

    Black box room Room

    Zoom for Virtual sessions

    Course Description (1 credit hour): The directed performance of traditional and contemporary gospel music. No audition or prior experience is necessary. Mixture of Contemporary Gospel, Spirituals, Traditional Gospel and other inspirational music. The history and practices of Gospel music and worship will be explored. This course will demonstrate a high level of musicianship so that each student will be adequately prepared for work as a director of worship, private instructor, bandleader, composer, producer or professional performer.


    Grading Scale: For credit, you must attend at least 90% of rehearsals and performances to earn an A. To earn a B, at least 85%. To earn a C, at least 80%.


    Goals and objectives:

    The student will demonstrate an acceptable level of aural skills. Students will be assessed on musical terms demonstrated and practiced in the Gospel music style. There will be some sight reading. Music theory related to Gospel music will be explored. Students will be required to survey the history of Gospel music and worship.




    Students should take notes when necessary and record rehearsal with phones or digital recorder. Students are encouraged to practice material learned outside of class.


    Performance Dates: Performances are occasionally held on or off campus. Attendance is required.



    Dressy Option: Young ladies should have a nice black dress, skirt or dress slacks and black top. Young men should have a dress shirt, dark slacks.

    Please avoid tight fitting clothing, yoga pants, shorts, shoulders out, sneakers. Dress to impress.


    T-Shirt Option: Certain performances allow black t-shirt and jeans. Casual performances will be announced. Avoid tank tops, mid-drifts, and shirts with the shoulders and backs exposed.


    *Avoid flip flops and sandals.

    *Please iron clothing.

    *Gospel Choir t-shirt will be an option, if available.


    Travel: If the choir sings locally, students must provide own transportation. Any out-of-town travel will be by chartered bus. Please be on time.



    Occasional On Campus pop up “Flash Mob”

    * Call times subject to change.

    * Please be on time & dressed



    NOTE: Please familiarize yourself with the USC Upstate Code of Student Behavior and abide by it at all times. It can be found in your USC Upstate Student Handbook


  • Student Leadership

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    Student Leader


    KeKe B


  • Upcoming Events

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    Other events

    Anderson University Concert

    November 6

    This will be a huge Gospel concert featuring the Gospel artist you love.  

    Outdoor Concert ( Unplugged Worship)

    NOvember 7 @ 4:15pm




  • Set List

    1. Malayshia = Bow Down B flat


    2. Shawn Bigby= Let The Praise Begin C#min to Dmin ( Cant Stop - Reprise Praising His Name)


    3. Blue = Be Alright E- F-F# =(Reprise-It's gonna be alright )


    4. Tyler Meadows & Malayshia = You Made Away -Bb or Ab


    5. KeKe Beason =. Amazing F


    6. Cee Cee & Shawnell And = King of Glory E

    Bow Down Bflat

    Let the Praise Begin

    It Will be alright - into


    You made away

    King of Glory

    Graves Into Gardens ?

    Your Amazing

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