• Soulful Sunday

    1. Lift every voice and sing

    2. In Christ

    3. Any Day Now (Energy)

    Lift Every Voice and Sing ( Click Here to listen)

    Music Intro


    Choir Unison:

    Ladada Dom LadadaDom DaDom (1x)


    Choir Unison:

    Lift every voice and sing
    Till earth and heaven ring
    Ring with the harmonies of Liberty


    Let our rejoicing rise
    High as the listening skies
    Let it resound loud as the rolling sea


    Ladada Dom LadadaDom DaDom (2x)


    Choir Unison:

    Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us
    Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us


    KeKe Facing the rising sun of our new day begun
    Let us march on till victory is won



    Till victory is won 1x

    (Reimagine Upstate = leads)


    Choir in Harmony:

    Till victory is won 2

    (Reimagine Upstate = leads)


    Till victory is won 1x


    Yes Yes Yes Victory - 2x

    Till Victory is won ( End)


    Syllabus for those in the class

    Gospel Music Ensemble

    MUSC U128 |U328

    Alphaeus Anderson

    e. ander877@uscupstate.edu


    Rehearsals: Wednesday at 7:00pm in one of the four places. (Please email to be added to group me)

    HPAC - 101 Hall unless other places are communicated.


    Alternate rehearsal places are Amphitheater (Outside located) & Black box room


    Zoom is the platform of choice for Virtual sessions


    Course Description (1 credit hour): The directed performance of traditional and contemporary gospel music. No audition or prior experience is necessary. Mixture of Contemporary Gospel, Spirituals, Traditional Gospel and other inspirational music. The history and practices of Gospel music and worship will be explored. This course will demonstrate a high level of musicianship so that each student will be adequately prepared for work as a director of worship, private instructor, bandleader, composer, producer or professional performer.


    Grading Scale: For credit, you must attend at least 90% of rehearsals and performances to earn an A. To earn a B, at least 85%. To earn a C, at least 80%.


    Goals and objectives:

    The student will demonstrate an acceptable level of aural skills. Students will be assessed on musical terms demonstrated and practiced in the Gospel music style. There will be some sight reading. Music theory related to Gospel music will be explored. Students will be required to survey the history of Gospel music and worship.



    Students should take notes when necessary and record rehearsal with phones or digital recorder. Students are encouraged to practice material learned outside of class.


    Performance Dates: Performances are occasionally held on or off campus. Attendance is required.



    Dressy Option: Young ladies should have a nice black dress, skirt or dress slacks and black top. Young men should have a dress shirt, dark slacks.

    Please avoid tight fitting clothing, yoga pants, shorts, shoulders out, sneakers. Dress to impress.


    T-Shirt Option: Certain performances allow black t-shirt and jeans. Casual performances will be announced. Avoid tank tops, mid-drifts, and shirts with the shoulders and backs exposed.


    *Avoid flip flops and sandals.

    *Please iron clothing.

    *Gospel Choir t-shirt will be an option, if available.


    Travel: If the choir sings locally, students must provide own transportation. Any out-of-town travel will be by chartered bus. Please be on time.


    Occasional On Campus pop up “Flash Mob”


    NOTE: Please familiarize yourself with the USC Upstate Code of Student Behavior and abide by it at all times. It can be found in your USC Upstate Student Handbook


  • About Alphaeus

    Alphaeus is married to his best friend and collaborator Alexias Anderson of 16 years. Alphaeus Anderson is the author of Youth Magnet. He is also the founder of Gain Maintain, a platform dedicated to providing cutting-edge strategies, training modules, and courses to coach leaders, as they work to attract and empower youth in the local church. A successful independent gospel label was started by Alphaeus in 2008 and is home of award winning artists and provides production and compositions for many national recording gospel artists. Alphaeus Anderson is the author of Youth Magnet.
    Annually, Anderson attracts hundreds of students during the spring and summer, to sing in a choir he started with only one child 19 years ago. Alphaeus speaks to thousands of students in schools, churches, and community centers. His musical compositions are performed in ministries across the nation and Canada and he has been featured at the National GMWA Youth and Young Adult Division Conference, the National Baptist Convention, Billboard and terrestrial and internet radio.
    Alphaeus is one of the recipients of the 2016 President Barack Obama Volunteer Service Award, presented by Ambassador Lenora Peterson. When not on the road training, speaking and presenting, he can be found teaching at eat-center.com or at The House of Judah.

    Love to travel, hike, grill, and boo'd up with wife of 17 yrs.

    Subscribe youtube @alphandlex


    Stellar Awards


    Youth Empowerment



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  • Official Group Me


  • Upcoming 2023 Events


    4 minute 1on1 vocal tips

    email ander877@uscupstate.edu to see what slots are open

    Save the dates.


    January 18 Winterblast

    3S Day = Sandwhiches Soups & Singers (Surprise Rehearsal)



    February 5 Soulfull Sunday at CLC Ballroom 5:15 Soundcheck Gospel Choir Shirts/Jean Jacket or Black Shirt

    February 15 Basketball Game Halftime Performance Hodges (6:15pm Soundcheck) Gospel Choir T-Shirts

    February 25 Volunteers needed for On Campus Black History Bowl/ NAACP

    February 25 HomecomingTailgating/Grilling 12pm Parking Lot (Food! Food! Food!

    February 26 First Ever Gospel Choir Homecoming Unplugged Concert CLC Ballroom/URC 5pm



    March 5th Impact/Greenville County Youth Night Kick off Revival 5pm

    March 6-12 Spring Break

    March 19 (Mini Upstate Tour) House of Judah Seneca 10:30 AM Lunch / Shady Grove Baptist 3pm Dinner


    April 2 - Final Spring Concert Macedonia Baptist Church 5pm doors open. Theme "Lets Have Church" Dressy Attire!

    Spring Fellowship




  • Gospel Choir Playlist


    email song suggestions to



    I Owe You

    You are my all and all

    You here me when I call

    No matter problems great or small

    I Owe (Lord I owe you) Everything


    Lord I owe you my life

    You ReMoved misery and strife

    Withouth you I am nothing

    I owe you Lord I owe you everything


    I tried him and I know him

    Only study " I tried Him and I know Him"

    He is the one nobody but Jesus (Refrain)







    Nobody but Jesus 5x (Refrain)

    Jesus is the one


    You are worthy

    Anyway Now

    Aint God Good

    Im gonna give him the Glory 

    give him all of the Praise


    For the Lord is Good

    He save me and set me free

    Gave me love gave me peace

    He's been mighty mighty good to me

    Say he so good

    Be Alright

    Warm Up Song

    It will be Alright, It will be Alright Gods Gone turn things around for me
    It will be Alright, It will be Alright, you just wait and you'll see


    Warm Up Song

    Holy One Snippet

    If any man be in Christ


    2 Corinthians 5:17


    Ifany man be in Christ, he is a new creature: 

    old things are passed away 

    behold, all things are become new.

  •  Grace Lyrics

    Verse 1 Overwhelmed by your mercy Blown away by your graceI am grateful to be standing here I'm alive...I realize (today?) 


    Verse 2 Still can't believe how you saved me I was broken, You forgave meI am grateful to be standing here I'm alive...I realize Chorus 1You get the glory, you get the honorKey change 


    Verse 3 Lord you loved me, I didn't love myselfSo alone, there was no one elseThen you showed up and You rescued meI'm alive...I realizeKey change ( Optional) 


    Verse 4 Lord, You healed me on the insideYou restored me, gave me new lifeYou're amazing, I'm in awe of YouI'm alive...I realizeI'm alive...I realize Chorus 2I am here, it's only by your graceYou get the glory, you get the honor



    Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore.

    Check back for Explain It Sessions

    Format for "Explain It" (Table Talk Sessions) 

    Click below to join class online.

    Meeting ID: 815 7090 7039
    Passcode: vocalshed




    Ice Breaker | Games| or Give aways

    Topic Introductions

    Panel/ Special Guest Observations

    Questions & Student Responses


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