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Welcome to 2020


Hey everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I pray that you are well and things are well with you as we are stepping firmly into our 2nd month of this new year! I wanted to reach out to you with the hopes to encourage you in these beginning months of 2020. Now is usually the time we begin diets, working out, vision casting, making new goals among a slew of other things! I want to encourage us all that as we embark on these journeys that we don't negate adding or tightening up our spiritual discipline. What will always separate us from the pack as far as our leading and facilitating worship is concerned is how disciplined we are spiritually. Ask yourself these questions...throughout the year how often do I fast, consecrate, set aside time for prayer, read edifying material, listen to or take in things that will cause me to grow? Adding just one of these to your life's routine with consistency will bless you and those you serve while also keeping away that dreaded term that we hear in church so much today...BURN OUT! So your challenge (if you choose to accept it) is to add areas of spiritual discipline to your life and watch how your life blossoms. If you lead a team then challenge them in the same way! Let me know your thoughts and what you are planning to do! I would love to hear from you!!!!!