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Don't Forget To Testify

I pray that you are have had a great week as we are rapidly heading towards the end of 2019! Is it me or did this year blow by?!?! I wanted to share something with you that I pray will be a blessing. I don't know about you but I remember testimony service in church. I'm talking about people randomly getting up and bragging on what God had done and is doing. Now granted some of those could go waaaaaaay left LOL however I still believe testifying is a huge part of the lifeblood of our corporate worship experience.
Now it does not have to happen the way we used to do it with the randomness and sometimes scripted way of doing it but I think we should do this with our worship. When we are leading worship we are literally leading a corporate testimony service. That means our songs, exhortations, scriptures etc should be bragging on the exploits of our great God! Praise and worship is a great time to tell and retell the stories of our God. Many times when I'm leading worship I flow THEMATICALLY. Simply put I take the overall theme of that song and connect it with another song or declaration with the same theme. That way I have reinforced what I am saying about God.
The Bible uses the concept of things being established in the mouths of 2-3 witnesses, I apply that same principle here to worship. Taking 2 different songs or declarations to establish the overall theme that I want our church to grasp. Thus we corporately testified about the same thing! When you are creating your set list for Sunday morning give this a shot and watch what happens!!!!
Be sure to let me know!!!