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  • Rehearsal Schedule


    Saturday September 2

    Bon Secours Arena

    @11am in Greenville SC

    Doors for open at 10:30

    (you wont be able to enter before 10:30am)

    @ Chevrolet Entrance

    (see map below)


  • Chevrolet VIP Entrance for August 2 Rehearsal and Day of check in

    Use parking deck.


    Note: This is not the loading dock entrance!!!


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  • Sunday Sept 3 Day of Spiritfest Details

    Check back for updates & changes!

    Spiritfest Instructions: Please read carefully and respectfully abide by all the rules so we can keep all participants safe and accounted for.


    Step 1: Park ( Leave any clear bags in car- clear bag policy)

    Please be prepared to park on your own. The parking garage next to the arena is a great place to park. There are limited free parking spaces on streets surrounding the arena, plan accordingly.

    Step 2: @2:30pm Huddle & Fam Experience

    Furman Plaza Stage Huddle and enjoy the Fam Experience


    Step 3: @3:15pm transition to Cheverolet entrance check from the plaza to check in

    Check in with Alexias Anderson will be at the VIP Chevrolet Entrance Only.

    Directions: from the Furman Plaza walk to your left until you get to the VIP entrance.

    (Note: this IS NOT the loading dock entrance!) Dont forget to secure tickets for any students not apart of youth choir. $15 Youth tickets for students not sining with choir are availalbe only at box office the day of! Please do not purchaes a $40 discount ticket for youth not singing in the choir prior to the day of there are no refunds. .


    Step 5: @3:30pm or when approved by Arena enter Arena at Chevrolet Entrance. Parents must have tickets unless you are a captain or an approved registered chaperone.

    Yes parents and other chaperones, and family with tickets may enter area early with kids. BSWA arend must scan tickets. Parents are required to sit in the section next to the kids . Parents and group leaders are expected to help guide kids to the appropiate area following the directions of the eCaptains. Parents are ask to show your child where the resrooms are after entering. Please be aware that soundchecks from artist may take place at this time and we must respect this time for the artist with silence.


    Click here for a comprehensive view of the map.




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  • Our Team


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    Ashley Newkirk


    e. ashleynewkirk@gmail.com

    email me if you have any questions.

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    Alexias Anderson

    Check In

    Coordinator & Credentials


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    Sandy Norman

    Discount tickets for any family, church members and friends


  • Checklist

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    Release Forms and headcount

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    2:30 @ the Furman PlazaSandy Norman


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    Tickets at the box office will be at a higher price. FYI

    Sandy Norman


    Discount tickets on the da of is not guarenteed.

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    1."Richardson street parking garage " is free

    2. Getting a ticket in the parking garage next to the plaza is $10 but before 1:55pm it will be free

    3. Handicap stickers park free everywhere in all garages

    Discount tickets on the da of is not guarenteed.

  • Mandatory Release Forms

    Have not filled out release forms?

    Click Below

    September 1, 2023


  • Songs

    Enjoy, rehearse & learn the lyrics!

    Motion for Saved By Grace

    Notice the chant with stomps, claps and slide




    How Excellent

    Vamp Onley

    Change The World


    Chorus & Vamp


    Change The World Change The World When we start with our neighbor we change the world!


    Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  • 2 Fun Contests

    3 Prizes!

    Participation in these contests are not mandatory but are rewarding!

    email info@music2changeu.com to enter contests!

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    Private Ice Cream Party @ Spiritfest

    Whoever sells the most discount tickets wins! You can register as a group or an individual. However, if you register as a group, only one person from the group will be able to go on the backstage tour with Mr Alphaeus. Tickets must be purchased at rehearsal through Sandy Norman. Make sure your ticket purchases are counted for when you receive your tickets. The top 7 winners will get a backstage tour with Mr Alphaeus . email info@music2changeu.com to enter the contest as an individual or a group. Yes you can combine with another person to try to win. Remember only one person from the group will have to be selected to go on th backstage tour if your group wins. Contest ends Sept 2

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    Backstage Tour 1-7th Place

    Groups or individuals that come in 1st-7th place will be able to select or draw names of only one person from that group to have a backstage tour at Spiritfest. There will only be 7 winners.

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    Audition to Introduce your favorite Artist

    The top 5 people with the most likes, comments, and shares will be the winners. Video can be posted to one platform or all platforms. Screenshots of total likes, comments, and shares are due no later than August 30th at midnight EST. Screenshots should be sent to info@music2changeu.com

  • Attire 

    (Solid Red Shirts blue jeans)  

    Pure N Heart Red Shirts are welcomed!




  • FAQ

    Q: What if I can't make any rehearsals?

    A: You will not be able to participate if you don't make one of the two rehearsals. Songs are fun and easy but there will be some light choreography involved as well as the latest information about Spiritfest and your participation. If you are not signed in at one of the two rehearsals you will not be allowed to participate. There are two sets of rehearsals. Please see the banner for the Orangeburg Region rehearsals and the schedule for the Greenville and surroundng areas.

    Q: My child is registered but not under a choir, what's next?

    A: Your child will be able to sing with the mass choir that will be opening up Spiritfest 2023. Every child must fill out a release form.

    Q: Spiritfest Tickets (Do I need one?) (Where do I purchase one?)

    If you have not been approved as a Chaperone or captain you will need a ticket!!

    Youth Tickets are $15 visit https://www.eraypromotions.com/promos.php for more info and ticket ifo.


    1. All parents will need a Spiritfest ticket to enter with their child.

    2. Any friend, family, or church member can take advantage of a discount ticket. Tickets are $40 Family members that are youth that are not singing in the choir can purchase $15 youth ticketrs only only available at the Box office on the day of Spiritfest. See the spiritfest ticket page for updated info.

    3. Spiritfest Tickets will only be availabe at the Sept 2 rehearsal. Tickets at the Box office or online are at regular price. Again any of your friends and family or even church members can get their tickets at these rehearsals and the ticket will be discounted as well as without any taxes or handling fees.

    4. Only 1 person every 10 kids from a registered church group will be able to receive a free entry wrtistband. Names must be submitted in advance. That person will not need a ticket.


  • Upcoming Zoom Huddles


    CLICK HERE TO Enter Zoom

    Zoom for Chaperone & Captains Huddle