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  • Fam Experience on the Plaza @ Spiritfest 2023





    Lead Team/ We are here to serve you

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    Matt Hodgin 919-475-0956

    Bon Secour Arena Fan Experience

    Tent , ventors, placement coordinator

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    Don Parker

    Check In Coordinator

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    Kelvin Paul

    Hospitality & Seating Coordinator





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    Phil Wright

    Production Coordinator


    Run of Show

    Make sure all puzzles are in place

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    Malasia 864-684-0513


    Admin / On Site liason and information desk

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    ALEXIAS Anderson

    Cheverlee Entrance Entrance Credentials

    Wendy Jones - runner

    Wanda Newkirk- Icecream coordinator

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    Alphaeus Anderson


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    Ashley Newkirk



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    Sandy Norman




  • Support Team


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    Devon Parker

    House Band

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    Aaron Donaldson

    Please email your tracks to Kidkproductions@yahoo.com for Terrace Stage Participants

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    David Smith All N One LLC

    John Atkins RJA Music LLC

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    Pastors that Praise Director/Host

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    Pastors that Praise


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    Tay /Tray Neely

    Shahid Martin

    To capture Plaza & Arena Content

    1. Plaza actions

    2. Behind The Scenes with Alphaeus

    3. Performances on both stages

    4. Video clips & pic of College/Youth Choir performance at 5pm in Arena

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    Ronrego Adams

  • Plaza Run of Show

    @Matt 221 Participants with volunteeers

    9:30 Sound Load Iin

    10:00 Stage Set up ends


    1:00 Band Soundcheck

    1:45 (Watkins/ Edwards Pop Up tents set up- Designate Areas Grass)


    2:00-2:40 Artists/ Pastors/ Participants Check In Starts

    Juneteenth table set up inside ( Check in with Darrell at Cheverlet Entrance between 12:30-2)

    Reggie Rocc & Aaron Donaldson merch table is under Alphaeus's name ( Check in with Darrell at Cheverlet Entrance between 12:30-2pm)


    Please note: Any extra guests not on the list will need to purchase a ticket at the box office to enter the arena no exceptions! Thanks. Don Parker.



    2:00 Soundcheck 1- Band Soundcheck

    2:20 Soundcheck 3 - Kristen Jamison

    2:25 Soundcheck 4 - Redemption Youth ( Rep Triston Wilchcombe) Extra Keys coming

    2:30 Soundcheck 4 - Relentless Youth Choir ( Rep = Heather Smith)

    2:35 Soundcheck 5 - Marcus Anderson ( Sax/ Track)

    2:40 Pastor That Praise ( Rep- N Leamon)


    2:45 Soundcheck- IOP ( Rep = Miriam Burgess)

    2:50 Soundcheck- Reggie Rocc

    2:55 Talk Time for Juneteenth GVL Representative & Matthew Long (Juneteenth rep should be directed to go to Terrace Stage by 3:45 to give remarks on that stage as well. See the Terrace Run of Show)

    3:00 Reggie Rocc

    3:10 Relentless Kids from Relentless Church (Praise Ye The Lord)

    3:15 Redemption Youth from Upstate NY with Pathfinders Band

    3:20 Sunday Best Contestant Kristen Jamison (I Will Call Upon the Lord)

    3:25 Marcus Anderson - Grammy Nominated

    3:30 IOP Dance - Under the Direction of Miriam Burgess

    3:40 Greetings from Annie T Broughton ( Christian Media Personality) 3 minutes (KP to direct to Harley Davidson Suite with PTP)

    3:45 Introduction of Pastors That Praise ( Pastor Sean Dogan)


    (Under Direction of Pastor Nyroba & Marsha Leamon &) Organized by Alphaeus Anderson

    ( Lord Youre Mighty, I need your Spirit & Praise Medley)


    4:30-5:30 Pastors transition to Harley Davidson Upstairs Suite - Pictures with Photographer Tay Neely. Feel free to get pictures by the "Lets Church Sign in Front Entrance"





    Contest Winners Social Media ( Ashley to coordinate transition)

    Need to insert the winners after the contests Ends.


    5:16 Stay on Stage for Mickens (NY/Orangeburg)

    5:30 prep for Luther Barnes - Ja' Siya Shedrick , Clinton SC

    6:00 prep for Tasha Cobbs - KJ Lemon

    6:30 prep for Pastor Mike Jr - Mya Garcia

    7:00 prep for Shirley Ceasar - Skyler Cunningham, Simpsonville, SC

    7:15 ( 7 Backstage Tour Winners) - / Backstage with Alphaeus (Tay/ Tray/ Shahid please capture content)

    7:30 Spiritfest Awards

    8:30 prep for Ricky Dillard - Treasure Russell

    8:15 prep for Tye Tribbett - Landon Robinson



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    All Participants Check In With Don Parker before going to Terrance Stage


    Message for MC & Red Carpet Team

    (Tiffany & Steph & Warren) check in at tent behind Plaza Stage with Don Parker

    2:45 Red Carpet set up location should by the Terrace Stage.

    Pick a red carpet set up spot near the Terrace stage.


    Message to Terrace Stage Participants

    Terrance Stage participants go to check in tent behind the Plaza Stage @ 3pm to check in with Don Parker.

    Terrance stage participants will be directed Terrace Stage for Sound Checks by Kelvin Paul & Team. Reminder any guests not on the list will be required to go to the box office to purchase a ticket to enter the arena.



    Soundchecks Opportunites ( Lead tech = Aaron Donaldson)

    3:15- Open

    3:20- Open

    3:25- Open

    3:30- Open

    3:35- Open

    3:40 = Jada

    3:45-Soundcheck End





    4:00 = Background Music (Aaron please play upbeat)

    4:05 = Talk Time - Juneteenth GVL Representative

    4:10 = Jada Redmond (7 minutes)

    4:20 = Dance Up (7minutes)

    4:30 = Aaron & Sharon (10 minutes)

    4:40 = Talk Time (5 minutes)

    4:45= Faith Center (7 minutes)

    5:00 = End & Breakdown - Promo Footage



    Artists and performers are welcome to sit anywhere in (general admission) after performing using their wristbands given at check in.

    For any questiosn about seating please see Kelvin Paul.


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