• Music2ChangeU President & CEO

  • Explore and learn how you can enhance your ministry.

    Learn how to attract & empower our youth.

    "It's easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men"

    -Frederick Douglass

    Music Equipping & Training

    Youth Ministry Resources

  • People behind Music2ChangeU

    Dynamic team of musicians and business acumen. 

    Over 50 years of music ministry!

    Tim Cook

    Al & Lex Anderson

    Founders & CEO

    Alphaeus & Alexias started M2CU in 2008.

    Jonathan Ive

    Phil Wright

    Analyst & Strategist

    Don Parker


  • Questions?

    Questions about Music Training? Youth Ministry?

  • PART 1

    Note: This retreat is expected to last for 90 minutes or until you have had enough of learning about making extra money online using your God given talent and gift. We are here to help!

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