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  • Pure-N-Heart Farewell Concert

    Celebrating 15 Years



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  • Pure-N-Heart Midlands SC

    Join today and be apart of Spiritfest 2018 Featuring

    Kirk Franklin, William Murphy, Jekalyn Carr & More

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    This is the final rehearsal before Spirit Fest

  • Itinerary For Spiritfest September 2 Please Read Carefully

    3pm Choir Line Up/Check In

    "Sandlapper Entrance"



    Q. How many rehearsals do I need to attend to sing at Spiritfest on Sept 2?

    A. At least one rehearsal ( Sept 1 is the final rehearsal so there is still time)


    Q. What is the Farewell/ Reunion Concert on August 31st?

    A. It is the final concert of Pure-N-Heart as we know it. Attire for this concert is any black PNH shirt or black t-shirt and jeans. All PNH past and present students, volunteers and parents are encourage to attend this final concert of PNH.


    Q. Do I have to buy PNH t-shirt?

    A. No, but it is highly recommended. It is mandatory for those who wish to perform at SF to order a PNH bracelet. The bracelet will be used for identification at BSW Arena. Order $5 bracelet on this page in the store area.

    A.Please wear a black t-shirt if you choose not to order a PNH t-shirt.

    A. Bracelets can be picked up at the August 31st reunion farewell concert if orders by August 28 or picked up ash the Sept 1st rehearsal.

    A. Columbia will be able to pick up bracelets August 31st if not already ordered will need to be picked up August 31st @ the PNH reunion celebration.


    Q. Can my family members buy a PNH shirt?

    A. Yes they can. It is $15 and it can be ordered on this page by August 28th to pick up on Friday or August 29th in order to pick up on Saturday.



    Q. When will I get my t-shirt? ( Columbia Area must order by August 28th)

    A. Columbia members pick up was on August 25th at St John at 5pm. 2nd Pick up will be at the August 31st reunion concert, Sept 1st rehearsal or must email pnh@music2changeu.com if you don't plan to attend Reunion or Sept 1st rehearsal.

    A. Upstate members can pick up shirts at August 31st reunion farewell concert or September 1st rehearsal


    Q. When will I get my Spiritfest Tickets? (All Spiritfest Tickets Transactions are handled by SF Reps Only)

    A. Ticket requests after August 25th can be made by calling Spiritfest Rep at 864 (420-7973)

    A. Spiritfest Tickets will also be available for parents family and friends at the August 31st Reunion 15th Celebration and

    at the rehearsal on Sept 1 in Greenville


    Q. Will parents be allowed early entrance with their child?

    A. Yes. Each parent, chaperone must have a ticket to enter with child 16 and under. Each parent or chaperone will be responsible for their child the entire event. Other family members must have ticket as well.


    Q. Is parking provided for PNH parents at Spiritfest?

    A. No parking is provided for choir or church buses. Parents are encouraged to find parking on their own around the arena. Free options are available in the area, but they tend to go fast. Please be prepared to pay for parking and meet at the Sandlapper Entrance.


    Q. How can I volunteer for Spiritfest?

    A. There are limited volunteer spaces for Spiritfest. Volunteers & Section leaders are by selection only. You will receive confirmation that you are a SF volunteer. If you don't receive confirmation you will need to buy a ticket. Parents will be responsible for chaperoning their child for the entire event so limited volunteers will be needed.




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