• Discount Tickets for Spiritfest are for parents, family and friends

    Discounted $37 Tickets will be available at the Expo

    email pnh@music2changeu.com if interested

    The Vision

    There are seven events lead up to the most diverse and disruptive Spiritfest yet for gospel music lovers.


    This year, it’s about the journey to Spiritfest.

    It's about taking over the city and, with your help, we can take our youth back.


    Our evangelistic effort is about saving souls, reaching the unchurched, bringing youth to a positive atmosphere and confronting depression, suicide, bullying, school shootings and violence.


    The Spiritfest Dance Expo is one of the 7 events leading up to Spiritfest design to entertain and train the next generation. Select dance teams will be featured at the expo and a joint routine will be taught at the expo and performed at Spirifest apart of the Pure N Heart Reunion Presentation.

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